UTNT Presents “Dream of Perfect Sleep,” April 18-27
Written by Kevin Kautzman
Directed by Courtney Sale

About the play
Mary and Gene are old. Mary suffers from severe vertigo and just wants to watch her show, gosh-darn-it. Gene has some big news for their middle-aged kids. When new-ager Melissa and recovering-addict Robert return to a home decorated for the holidays (when it’s not the holidays), the family must make a hard decision about what it means to exit this world with grace.

About the playwright 
Kevin Kautzman is a playwright originally from North Dakota pursuing his M.F.A. at the Michener Center, with a screenwriting secondary. In 2012 he premiered six plays (three full-lengths and three shorter works) at theatres in Canton, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Worth, New York, and Saint Paul. Honors include the Playwrights’ Center’s Jerome Fellowship, the Tennessee Williams Scholarship, and the International Student Playscript award. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild, the Playwrights’ Center, and Scriptworks. He can be found online at kevinkautzman.com.

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Photo: Josh Rasmussen, The University of Texas at Austin

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