UTNT Presents “70 Secrets of Marmalade Kittens,” April 19-27
Written by Gabrielle Reisman
Directed by Jess Hutchinson

About the play 
Seduced by a pair of ceramic figurines, Quinn wrestles with abandoning her husband, her young children, and their lonely life on an Iowa hog confinement farm. Ten years later her now grown children — with the counsel of an aging pet goose — must choose between selling off their father’s business, and tracking down the ghosts of their mother’s desires.

About the playwright
Gabrielle Reisman is a New Orleans based playwright and director. A member of The NOLA Project and former artistic director of The Alamo Underground, she is currently a third year M.F.A. Playwriting candidate at The University of Texas at Austin. Gabrielle’s plays have been produced in New York, New Orleans, Champaign and Chicago — as well as being translated into German. Her first four full length plays are published in the anthology More Pepper by Hot Lead Press. Selected monologues from BRIAN AND SHEVAT are published by Simon and Schuster. She is inspired daily by language, food, impossible things that are true. And by you.

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Photo: Josh Rasmussen, The University of Texas at Austin

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