Meet the cast of Timberlake Wertenbaker’s OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD
Opening October 18th at the Oscar G. Brockett Theatre

This powerhouse of artists makes for a performance you don’t want to miss! There is so much to brag about, we’re sharing it in two galleries! Click to meet other members of the cast.

Hear from the director James Daniels and cast and see moments from the rehearsal process!

About the Play
Premiering 25 years ago at the Royal Court followed by a successful run on Broadway, Timberlake Wertenbaker’s Our Country’s Good offers the true story of the early days of the founding of Australia.

Miles from their homeland, a boat full of Royal Marine officers and convicts arrives on the Australian shore in 1789, forced to create a community in a fledgling penal colony. Amid the brutal conditions of the settlement, a determined lieutenant volunteers to direct the convicts – a collection of murderers and thieves – in a comedic stage play. With no support from his fellow Marines and the leading lady’s imminent execution, it’s questionable if the show will go on.

Performance Information:
October 18, 19, 23-26 at 8:00 p.m. and October 20, 27 at 2:00 p.m.
Oscar G. Brockett Theatre (300 E. 23rd St.), located in the F. Loren Winship Drama Building on the UT campus.

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Our Country’s Good features an all-star cast including: Kyle Connealy, Ian Eisenberg, Will Douglas, Luke Linsteadt, Nate Jackson, Ja’Michael Darnell, Brad Billeaudeaux, Trent Lockwood, Cameron Mellin, Austin Dowling, Adam Simmons, James Sandison, Megan Rabuse, Cody Dale Edgar, Tasha Gorel, Aya Seidemann, Kevin Hippler, Shanaya Kapai, Lisa Martinez and Stephen Mabry.

Direction by James Daniels Ÿ- Scenic Design by James Ogden Ÿ- Costume Design by Mercedes O’Bannion Ÿ- Lighting Design by Rachel Alulis Ÿ- Technical Direction by David Vieira Ÿ- Stage Management by Carolyn Allingham Hardin

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